EG CO2 Cleansing GEL CellCare

EG CO2 Cleansing GEL CellCare

EG CO2 Cleansing GEL EGF + Moist Gel CellCare

Cleansing - - - - Natural Oil
Moisturizing - - CO2 + Trehalose
Anti-Aging - - - EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)

And more;
What is EGF?
Growth Factor is a protein humans naturally have.
EGF is a polypeptide with 53 amino acids and made of internal proteins.
The protein is a key player in cell growth and differentiation process.
Dr. Cohen was awarded the Nobel Prize of medical physiology for this discovery.

NET   150g   SRP: $50.00
NET   400g   Professional Use

Amazing Benefits of Active Ingredients
Epidermal Growth Factor: Stimulates skin cell renewal
Trehalose: Promotes cell activation/Protects cell from damage
Yuzu Citrus: Aromatic effect/Moisturizing effect/Antioxidant effect
CO2: Softens cuticle
Almond Oil/Olive Oil/Grape Seed Oil: Emollient effect
Eucalyptus Leaf Extract: Antibacterial/Odor eliminating

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