5 kinds of GROWTH FACTOR:

EGF--Epidermal Growth Factor
Promotes skin cell regeneration
Excellent effect on skin injuries (scar/Scald solution)

FGF--Fibroblast Growth Factor
Counteracts loss of skin elasticity and discoloration
Speeds up skin renewal process

IGF--Insulin-Like Growth Factor
Helps make new skin cells to prevent wrinkles Increase Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Elastin

TGF--Transforming Growth Factor
Prevents skin cells from aging
Stimulates collagen tissue to keep youthful skin

Strong Antioxidant
Prevents skin cells from death and loss of function

Growth Factor is a protein humans naturally have.
EGF is a polypeptide with 53 amino acids and made of internal proteins. The protein is a key player in cell growth and differentiation process. Dr. Cohen was awarded the Nobel Prize of medical physiology for this discovery.

Another Nobel Prize Winning Beauty Component
Water Soluble Fullerene:

FULLERENE has -125 times more antioxidant ability than Vitamin C by absorbing Radical Oxygen like a sponge; so it's called Radical Sponge.

FULLERENE is -800 times more effective enhancer than Placenta in
generation of collagen

Other Beauty Components;
Ubiquione (CoQ) & Lipoic Acid
8 Amino Acids
Hyaluronic acid
Retinol Collagen
Net: 20ml/sheet x 5 sets
SRP: $80.00   Net: 20ml/sheet x 36 sets (Professional use)

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