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Amenity Corporation promptly adopts nature and the technology. As a brand of the trust to provide a high quality,
we demand a leap more and evolve.

Business contents
Private brand cosmetics manufacturing and sales, Importing and exporting of cosmetics etc, Cosmetics agency business, Sale and the import and export of beauty apparatuses, Sales of beauty related product, Health food manufacturing and sales, Branch shop plan, OEM . PB Manufacturing development of the product, Salon management.

Message from President

Since the establishment of 1989, amenity Corporation piled up experience and achievements steadily as a beauty product manufacturing company in Japan and we try for higher quality services and products, accomplish and improve the technique and technology. We aim at the brand leader of the industry trusted still more and will always advance.

President Yukihiko Takeda

Amenity Product Video
Amenity Product Video

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1986 . Stanley Cohen, Rita Levi-Montalcini

EGF has proven to be a general growth factor with action not only on epithelial cells but also on a large variety of other cells. A prerequisite for its action is the presence of specific binding sites, termed receptors, on the surface of the target cells

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